Here's the Scoop!

My name is Nicole Tracz and I am the owner of Black Tie Cookies. We can start right off the bat with the name of this small family owned business: Black Tie Cookies, not cakes, brownies, pies or dog treats. People will ask, “just cookies???” and I reply with a touch of attitude, “Yes, JUST COOKIES” and being in business for twelve years that business model hasn’t failed me one bit!

I started baking at home sweet home when I was a little girl, thanks to my mother, Maria. I blame her for all of this and that’s why she’s stuck with me day in and day out at the bakery.

I carried my sweet tooth straight to the culinary arts department of Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School where I proudly graduated with honors. From there I got a full time job at the Mattapoisett Inn where I had worked as a student throughout high school and the birth place of Black Tie Cookies, thanks to chef, Marlene Goddu!

Fast forward through the trials and tribulations of life, I took over BTC and made it my own. Doing this gave me the freedom to do what I love and make my own hours all while raising my young boys with the help of my Papa! My two boys, Quinn and Bryce, grew up fast and quickly became part of this family business…whether they liked it or not .

I am so grateful for my family and this business. We are all proud of what we do here. I know what you’re thinking…it’s “just cookies” BUT we have been a part of some of the most important times in people’s lives: weddings, babies, birthdays, graduations, so many celebrations and hopefully many more to come.

Thanks for visiting our website and letting us into your lives.